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Exness Islamic Account

  • Sharia Compliant. No interest or swap fees, ideal for Islamic traders;
  • Accessible Trading. Open to everyone, offering a fair trading environment;
  • Seamless Integration. Works well with all trading strategies, without extra hassle;
  • User-Friendly. Simple setup process, making it easy for beginners and pros alike;
  • Cost Efficiency. Reduces trading costs by eliminating swap fees;
  • Wide Market Access. Trade a variety of instruments, including forex, commodities, and indices.
Key Features of Exness Islamic Account
  • No interest on overnight trades, fitting Islamic finance rules;
  • Trade more, pay less with no commission fees;
  • Get started trading with quick account setup;
  • Trade in various markets (forex, metals, and digital currencies);
  • Pick how much leverage you use, with very flexible options;
  • Help day or night;
  • Your trades and money are safe with top-notch security;
  • Trading made simple for everyone, no matter your experience;
  • Stay updated with the latest on your trades.

Underlying Principles for Islamic Account Compliance

Underlying Principles for Islamic Account Compliance

How much is the Exness Spread on an Islamic Account?

Account Types Offered with Islamic Option

Considerations When Choosing Exness Islamic Account

  • Learn how you’ll be charged, as these accounts operate without swap fees, affecting your profit;
  • Check if you can engage in trading your preferred assets like forex or gold, adhering to Islamic guidelines;
  • Ensure the trading platform is compatible with your device and matches how you like to trade;
  • Verify that support is available for any questions, particularly those related to Sharia compliance;
  • Explore the various account options provided by Exness to find one that aligns with your trading experience and objectives, ensuring it complies with Islamic finance;
  • Look for educational materials if you’re new to trading, to help develop your skills;
  • Make sure you can trade in the global markets you’re targeting.
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