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Exness Standard Accounts

Standard Cent vs Standard Account
  • Standard Cent Accounts. Ideal For beginners. You can trade from small amounts, which is ideal for learning without taking too muchrisk.Trading Isdone in cents, so you can easily learn trading without feeling pressured.
  • Standard Accounts. They are ideal for experienced traders. These accounts allow to work with larger amounts and offer a wide selection of trading instruments.They Are Suitable For those who are ready to make larger trades and use leverage for larger positions.
Exness Standard Cent Account
  • Minimum deposit is super low, making it easy for anyone to start;
  • Risk level is low since you’re trading in cents;
  • Trading tools give you access to a bunch of options like forex and metals, so you can experiment;
  • Leverage is adjustable, so you’re in charge of how much you trade;
  • The platform is straightforward, great for anyone trying it out for the first time;
  • This account is an excellent way to get into trading and learn without much risk.
  1. Low minimum deposits mean you don’t need much money to start;
  2. It’s great for new traders to try trading with less stress;
  3. Practical practice lets you test strategies in real market conditions without a big financial hit;
  4. This setup helps build confidence and learn how to handle trades carefully.

Practice Trading with Minimal Risk

Exness Standard Account

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  1. Start with just a little cash.
  2. Dive into various financial markets.
  3. Choose your leverage to match how you trade.
  4. Enjoy clear costs and tight spreads.
  5. Use a platform that’s easy to get around.

Access to a Wider Range of Instruments

Exness Standard Account
  • Trading in standard lot sizes simplifies the calculation of profits and losses;
  • Provides a single measurement for all trades and traders, making it easier to communicate and compare strategies;
  • Knowing the standard lot size helps to manage risks more effectively. Traders can better decide how many lots to trade based on the risk to account balance;
  •  how many lots to trade based on their risk tolerance and account balance.
  • Low start-up. You don’t need a lot of money to get started. A small initial deposit is enough, making it accessible to many people.
  • Trading many things. You can trade a variety of items, including currencies, gold and cryptocurrencies, which gives you a lot of choice.
  • Flexible trading. leverage options allow you to adjust the amount you trade. This means you can trade more than your account balance and increase your profit potential (but also increase your risk).
  • Transparent costs. There are no hidden fees and you know exactly what your trading costs are. This makes money management easier.
  • User-friendly. Whether you’re a novice or have been trading for years, the platform is easy to use.
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